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We excel in providing GPS tracking and monitoring solutions, utilizing a range of consultancy methodologies. Our confidence lies in adopting the best approach to help you achieve your objectives.


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Core Services

Our comprehensive suite of Tracking and Monitoring Services ensures that individuals and businesses can keep tabs on their assets, ensure the safety of their premises, and optimize operational efficiency
We provide high-end GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions with emphasis on meeting customized clients’ needs. Our competitive advantage in provision of this service is largely attributed to our system reliability and accurate/precise reporting of fleet status and prompt client support.

With our GPS vehicle tracking solution, you can ably be in total control of your fleet irrespective of where you are or where your vehicles/motorcycles go 24/7.

Geofencing capabilities

Get to know when your vehicles are driven to un-authorised areas or outside normal specified working hours.

Freewheeling Detection capabilities

Receive instant alerts for driver freewheeling to save fuel, a dangerous practice risking vehicle control.

Driver identification

Our system enables you to authorise specific 9 personnel to drive your vehicles by use of identity tags.

Monitor abnormal engine parameters

Get to know immediately when your engine malfunctions through remote monitoring of its performance parameters

Driver behavior monitoring

Immediately get to know reckless driving actions like over-speeding, harsh braking, accelerations, turns, etc.

Real-time Vehicle Status reporting

Precisely get accurate information on location and vehicle statuses whether they are mobile, idle or inoperative.

Fuel Theft Alert System

Fuel theft and fraud can be easily detected by our system- Get to know when drivers or other un-scrupulous personnel steal fuel from your vehicles irrespective of the time of day or location of fraud. You can also know refuelling quantities whenever and wherever your vehicle refuels, and consumption rate. Our fuel monitoring solution provides real fuel level data (in litres) and not statistical calculations based on mileage.

Motorcycle theft is a common crime around the world due to the simplicity of breaking through its locking mechanism. Its ability to be easily picked and loaded onto a vehicle for transportation to another area further complicates the problem.

We therefore advise you to invest in a prevention and recovery system to add a layer of security to your motorcycles wherever they are/go by installing our customized GPS Tracking System.
We boast of enormous experience in provision of this service as we have learnt over time how to go about the GPS installations on a motorcycle professionally without affecting the battery power
especially when the motorcycle is in off/stop mode

Our GPS System for motorcycles uses smart technology that manages the power consumption between its backup battery and the motorcycle’s battery when the motorcycle is off.
With our motorcycle GPS Tracking system you will be able to know the following about the status of your motor cycle at any given time


Moving, idle, parked/off or disconnected & Speed (Km/hr)


such as over-speeding, going to un-authorized areas (geo-fence exit), etc.


Current location with Google map display

Remote control

You can also remotely stop (immobilize) the motorcycle in case of un-authorized usage

We have a smart solution that can help you remotely manage the performance of your generator irrespective of where it is located and time of day. The solution doesn’t require you to physically be at site 24/7.

Our solution is intended to prevent faults and malfunctions by monitoring the generator’s running hours, fuel consumption, battery level, engine parameters through engine control panel and maintenance alerts. We set and get real-time alerts on maintenance schedules and ensure that your generators are always operating at their best.

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

Monitor generator performance in real-time and receive operating events and warning alarms remotely from anywhere.

Efficient Maintenance and Diagnostics

Access accurate maintenance and diagnostic information from the control panel and generate detailed reports.

Fuel Management and Security

Ensure full oversight of engine performance from a centralized location by remotely monitoring fuel usage, including refuels.

Streamlined Asset Management

Preventive maintenance by tracking trends and proactively addressing abnormalities, while monitoring all generator sets and assets.

We are the leading dealers and installers of high-end security systems

Intruder Prevention

Reliable Security Systems for intruder prevention, facility protection, staff safety, and industry compliance to our clients.

Top-notch Technology

Advanced technology with complex infrastructures to deliver comprehensive security solutions tailored to meet client needs.

Experienced Team

With a skilled team of trained technicians, we excel in complex and large-scale installations, ensuring expertise and efficiency.

Our range of products for security systems include, among others;

CCTV Camera Systems

Our CCTV camera brands include among others: HIKVISION, Dahua, Axis, Anviz, UNV and AcTi

Access Control

Our Access Control and Time Attendance system brands include among others; ZKT

Intruder Detection

Remote monitoring detects intrusions, triggering timely responses for security.

Other Services

Leveraging years of industry experience, our consultants offer insights and strategies to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risks.

Driver Support Services

Drivers contribute immensely to the success of any organisation and more especially the logistics oriented entities.

Transportation of Out of Gauge Cargo

We offer technical support and guidance for transportation of out of gauge cargo (wide load) and Hazardous goods in all countries within the EAC region

Technical or Engineering Support Services

We offer specialised engineering/technical support services to both companies and individuals to enable them achieve their intended goals.

Driver Outsourcing Services

Our outsourced drivers can either work directly under your management or under the direct supervision of KinConsults depending on the agreed terms.

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