Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Product Details

Galileosky 7x with external antennas combines the advanced GPS/GLONASS monitoring technology, Easy Logic and CAN Scanner, as well as the application for drivers Exigner Driver App. Moreover, the new product allows to work with two CAN-buses at the same time. The new feature allows to transmit data from sensors and devices, not only via RS 485, RS 232, 1-Wire interfaces but also via Bluetooth 5.0.

Available in built-in or external GPS and GSM antennas.

From basic monitoring to automation
Besides such basic tasks as vehicle monitoring, driving style and fuel consumption control, programmable unit Galileosky 7x performs the most complex tasks of automation and optimization of fleets as well as stationary objects.

You can control the central lock, start the car engine, turn on or off the headlights, change the temperature and humidity level automatically. You can even create polygonal geofences and set different speed limits for each. Impressive features are provided by Easy Logic technology.

Twice as many options for working with CAN
Galileosky 7x allows to retrieve data from two CAN-buses simultaneously. Together with the new CAN Scanner features, the unit makes it possible to control the whole vehicle electronic system. Moreover, it can help to create additional anti-theft protection, to control vehicle performance and display crucial parameters in the Exigner Driver App.

Designed for control
Activate relays, valves, bulbs, LEDs, buzzers and other devices with the new Galileosky 7x units. The outputs current maximum is increased to 200 mA, which opens up opportunity to connect much more sensors. Thanks to built-in input resistor, the device measures even the lowest signal level from sensors without connecting additional external devices or resistors. It’s just convenient.

Easy to configure and upgrade
Now there is no need to make unit settings while sitting in the car. Set up and charge the device via mini USB port without connecting external power source. Moreover, the device is equipped with two holes for convenient mounting.

Download updates locally or remotely without data loss. Now the background firmware upgrade is available, which means the unit will proceed transmitting data to the server when updating.
Use two SIM-cards of different providers and switch between them to cut costs on traffic.

Delivery set
The Galileosky 7x standard kit includes:

  • Set of wires;
  • SIM holder;
  • Documents for the unit;
  • Fuse with the holder.

Additionally, the standard kit may include GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas, depending on the Galileosky 7x modification.

To begin, you will need a USB-cable, one or two SIM-cards, which are not included in the package.

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