Galileo Base Block Iridium

Data transmission via Iridium satellite communication with 100% worldwide coverage.

Product Details

Galileosky Base Block Iridium is the GPS tracking device with the capability of sending of the location via Iridium. This solution is specifically important for the long-distance freight forwarders, and for the monitoring of the vehicles, equipment and stationary objects in the remote areas with no GSM coverage.

Reliability of the data storage and transmission<
Galileosky Base Block Iridium provides the opportunity to set the different data transfer modes, such as online tracking (constant server connection support), “Stealth-mode” (scheduled data sending) or offline tracking (uploading of the archive via USB). Such flexible settings along with the possibility of sending data to two servers simultaneously, internal memory with the capacity of storing of up to 450 000 messages and the possibility of additional installation of SD-card allow to create the most efficient modes of tracking and to secure the collected data.

Update location over a satellite communication
Base Block Iridium is equipped with Iridium satellite module used for data transmission in remote areas without GSM coverage. Iridium is the one and only satellite communication system that provides high-quality telematics data transmission with the 100% worldwide coverage. When being out of the GSM coverage the device automatically switches to the Iridium satellite module, and eventually ensures the transmission reliability. Once the GSM connection is reestablished, satellite module switches to autonomous mode, considerably saving the costs for satellite communication.

What is needed for data transmission into the tracking software
Data transmission protocol via Iridium contains additional fields for satellite data sending. This is why it is necessary for the tracking software to provide the functionality of receiving the data from the Iridium satellite channel.

How to calculate the traffic expenses?
Galileosky personnel will help you to calculate the approximate traffic volume, which is generated but the tracking devices. Current settings and operating conditions of the device affect the amount of traffic spent under actual usage conditions.

Delivery set

  • Connector with contacts (6 pcs.);
  • Set of wires;
  • Fuse and fuse holder;
  • Iridium antenna;
  • GPS / GLONASS antenna;
  • GSM antenna.

For successful work with the device, you will also need a USB cable, a SIM card, an SD card, a power supply 9V-39V (15W), which are not included in the package.

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