A time-tested sensor in a new housing with the ability to configure and transmit data using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology

«Escort TD-150 BLE» is a high-precision capacitive fuel level sensor (FLS), which is used to monitor fuel consumption, refueling, draining and theft on all types of vehicles, as well as stationary tanks.

Advantages of the TD-150 BLE sensor

Fuel level sensor Escort TD-150 BLE
  • In addition to digital, frequency and analog output signals, BLE mode has been added to this sensor.
  • Has OExiallBT6X explosion protection certificate, CE and E-Mark certificate, Customs Union certificate, GOST-R certificate of conformity, Measuring instruments certificate.
  • Now it is possible to configure and receive data through a mobile application.
  • New housing.

An additional protective casing made of glass-filled polyamide provides an even greater degree of resistance to external mechanical influences and discrediting of the system.

Other advantages

  • The measuring part of the sensor can be easily adapted to any depth of the tank.
  • The fuel monitoring sensor is easy to set up and perfectly interacts with monitoring systems of any manufacturers.
  • Galvanic isolation throughout the sensor housing.
  • Control of connector opening and/or cable breakage.
  • Extended analog signal range from 0.2 to 9 V
  • Operating temperature range from -60/+85 °C

* The sensor does not have a built-in power supply

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