KINCONSULTS is an authorized distributor of Galooli Smart Fleet Management Solutions in Uganda. These Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) are designed to provide clients with operational flexibility hence empowering them to be in total control of their fleet at any given time. Our FMS are known for their great reliability in fleet management, especially in the area of real-time customized reporting, fleet events management, accurate fuel data reporting and real-time Driver Behavior monitoring among others.



Clients who take up this service will benefit as follows:

Be able to track the status and location of their vehicles at any time from anywhere in the world

  Be able to track their drivers performance

  Minimize risks of vehicle theft

  Be able to real time events and customized reports regarding the operation of their vehicles.

  Be able to generate customized reports and save time that would be spent doing manual reports and other paperwork.

  Minimize operating cost and save money for other value adding investments in the company. Your running costs are too high

  …. And more!

Our Fleet Management Solutions will enable you eliminate operational worries associated with fleet management. The Solution software is continually updated to enable you optimize your fleet management and achieve financial intelligence.

Galooli is an Israel -based company and its core services is to develop and manufacture Smart Fleet Management Solutions which include hardware and software.